Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well, that pretty much says it all. I've been on a week-long food binge and exercise purge. All food, no exercise does not make for happy results on the scale. I gained 2 (more) lbs this week. Frankly, I am surprised it wasn't more. This has been a no holds barred binge. For some, a binge may mean they ate too much ice cream one night or have an extra slice of pizza or too many chips with their sandwich. PUH-leeeeeease. A binge for me means I eat anything and everything I want, and some things I don't want just because I'm in that mindset.

Here are some of the lovely things I have eaten this week:

1) ice cream (pretty much every night)
2) cheetos, doritos, chips
3) fried chicken
4) pizza (and not just a slice or two)
5) McDonald's sausage biscuit
6) Chinese carry-out
7) Cheese steak sub
8) French fries (with gravy)
9) A million ounces of Diet Coke

Are you ready to vomit yet? And, that is just a sampling. Am I embarrassed to write this down for all the world to see? You bet I am. But, what would be the point of a weight-loss blog (I might have to change the name of my blog if this trend continues) if I am not honest about the struggles.

So, am I ready to motivate myself again? Eh, not really. My birthday is this weekend, and I am kind of in the mind set that I will re-commit myself after my birthday. I guess that would actually be re-re-commit myself since I was supposed to re-commit myself last week.

I haven't read any more of the wonderful books I ordered. Hard to turn the pages when my fingers are so busy stuffing food into my face. Besides, even if I did read while eating, I'd have to keep licking the beautiful bright orange processed cheese off my fingers before I could turn the pages.

So, I end the blog not knowing what I plan on doing this week. Honestly. I don't know.

Total weight loss in 8 weeks: 16 lbs (+5 from my highest of 21 lbs)


  1. Because I am into self-destruction, I decided to weigh this AM, after a few weeks of bingeing not unlike yours and I am now back to where I was when I started WW in January. Sadly, I even counted that as a victory b/c I hadn't gained more! Feel your pain...

    Mabye it's because we're both Aries? HA!

  2. I wish we could blame it on being Aries, but I am a Pisces (miss it by a week)! Hmmmmm....let's come up with some other excuse!!! How do you like the new WW Points? BTW, I agree...breaking even is a victory! Although, if I can back all 21 lbs I lost, I might shoot myself!

  3. Kris, I am just checking in my Simply Fabulous Friend :) Sorry you had have such crummy weeks. Dont get too down on yourself. You are a full time mom and you have two beautiful kids to worry about too. Progress, progress, baby steps, ok!? YOU CAN DO IT!!!! hug hug, Ruma

  4. so how are you doing? back on the wagon? If not, don't worry about it...get settled back in and you will do great!