Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anything Will Work

As I continue my research to determine my next strategic move, the scale continues to collect dust. After this weekend at the beach to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday, I will start anew. The official date: Monday, April 4th. I am soooo dreading stepping on the scale that morning. I suspect that I will be too embarrassed to report the findings of my gross negligence these past several weeks.

I am still trying to figure out the best course of action to kick start myself back into gear. Here are a few things I am taking into consideration. First, I am going to be working 4 days a week beginning the third week in April. This means that I will have less time for food preparation and exercising.

I think the keys are:

1. Simplicity.
2. Ease of execution.
3. Realistic.
4. Quick Jump Start.

Numbers 1-3 are pretty obvious. Personally, I feel that I need #4 to get me motivated again. I fully understand that what I was doing before was working (with pretty quick results, too), but I fear that the amount of planning, preparation, and exercising I was doing will not be realistic with my new schedule. I may need something that will work in the short term to get me seeing results. Long term, yes, I want to fully adopt a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain. Short term, F-that, I just want to lose some weight!!!

I have been researching something like Nutrisystem, where there is minimal preparation and planning needed. I've looked into it and the cost, considering you are only buying fresh produce and dairy, is fairly reasonable. My husband and I have actually discussed both of us doing this for a few months to give us a little kick start. From my extensive research (seriously...HOURS....and to think, I could have been exercising during that time!), most people agree that is works, the food is average, and it is a good short term solution. I am sure I will get sick of the food pretty quickly. We'll see. Still contemplating.

The bottom line is that just about anything will work as long as you stick to it. So right now, it's about figuring out what I am most likely to stick to.

Truly, the amount of time I spend obsessing about all of this is exhausting. In my next life, I would like to come back as a naturally thin person with a super high metabolism who just LOVES exercising and eating healthy. In the meantime, though, I am not ready to start my next life, so I need to figure out a way to get myself healthy and make this life last as long as possible.

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  1. You can do it. Just do what works. Dont reinvent the wheel. Get up, get on the treadmill, plans your meals, get support/help from Jay, etc. You. Can. Do. It!!!