Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am Woman, Watch me Bloat

I’ve always seemed to retain water. The morning after Chinese food, for example, I would do the walk of shame to the bathroom first thing in the morning, noticing the sausage like quality of my fingers and sensing the puffiness in my face like a marshmallow in the microwave…swelling, swelling, swelling, nearly to the bursting point. I assumed that once I cut back on my sodium, this would improve, but I’ve still had mornings where I feel like I am going to float out of bed before I set my feet on the floor. Still, I believe the sodium is the main culprit.

So, I did my little cheat weigh-in on Saturday morning instead of waiting until Monday because I knew I had the Raven’s party, and I wanted to take note of any progress before I undid any of my good deeds at the party. Not that I was planning on eating a dozen buffalo wings or anything, but you never know what may happen under the duress of a football game…have I mentioned that I am an emotional eater? Oh yeah, I’m also a social eater. OK, FINE, I’m just an EATER! Anyway, I digress. Back to the weigh in…I was down 5 more pounds!! That was in only 5 days since I weighed in on Monday! WOO-HOO!

I was motivated…determined to stay on track at the party. I ate a good breakfast, worked out, ate a small but hearty lunch, and snacked on an apple on the way to the party. I was READY to face the cocktail meatballs, chicken wings, and whatever other deliciousness that lay in wait ready to seduce me with their salty, savory, and fatty pick up lines. The verdict: not too bad. Although, I will admit, I think my downfall was the beer. I had planned on having a couple, but I didn’t plan on it coming from a keg where I wouldn’t know exactly how much I was pouring. Plus I got caught up in the game and kind of lost count. Oh yeah, and I got peer pressured into doing a shot. Ooops. I was desperate. My Ravens were coming undone. And, apparently, so was I.

Actually, I didn’t feel too bad about the party. Perfect? No. A thousand times more reasonable than I would have been a month ago? Definitely. I went to bed content. I woke up as swollen as the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Woman.

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