Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pavlov's Kris

Like Pavlov’s dogs, I reflexively respond to certain stimuli by salivating. Fortunately, since I am a mom, I usually have a tissue handy to dab the corners of my mouth before anyone notices. OK, so maybe I don’t actually start drooling, but I am definitely a reactive eater. Here are a few examples of the stimuli, situations, and environments and what they result in.

  • Trip to Target = Diet Coke & popcorn (to share with the kids…of course)
  • 4:30 pm + long day with the kids + husband not due home for 2 more hours = wine
  • 4:30 pm = wine (OK so maybe it has nothing to do with the husband and kids, I just like my wine!)
  • Watching Ravens’ game = salty snack food
  • 12pm + kids in the car + nothing planned for lunch = drive thru
  • 9pm + couch + TV = ice cream
  • No breakfast + heading out for the day = Diet Coke & sausage biscuit
  • Weekends in general = non-healthy food & carry out

You get the idea. So far, since starting my “diet,” I have not reacted impulsively to any of these triggers. Today’s trip to Target did involve a Diet Coke, but no popcorn. A girl’s gotta have something, right? I have been trying to cut back on my DC consumption so I made that my one of the day…ummm, I should probably mention that I refilled the cup on my way out, so technically, it may have been just a wee bit more than one. :-/ Don’t hold it against me. I have an affinity for fountain soda!

I think my next big obstacle is this weekend’s Raven’s play-off game. I know there will be the impulse to order pizza and/or wings, but I WILL PERSEVERE! I’ll let you know how that goes…

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  1. Others will be cheering, "Go Ravens!" and I will be cheering, "Go Krissie B!"