Wednesday, January 19, 2011

-7 + (-5) + 2

My official weigh-in on Monday revealed that my antics at the party on Saturday had indeed come with a penalty. I should also mention that I had a really crappy day on Sunday, which resulted in no workout and a glass of wine. To my credit, however, that normally would have resulted in a day of not giving a crap about what I ate all day long and several glasses of wine instead of one. I still stayed on track with my food, even though dinner wasn’t the healthiest. It included two servings of Stove Top Stuffing (I needed comfort food!!). Yet, I still didn’t exceed my calories for the day.

So, here are the official results for the week. Down 3 pounds! Can’t complain about that, right? Sure I can. It had been 5 pounds two days before that. Although I am disappointed with the 2 pound gain in two days, I am pretty pleased with 10 pounds in two weeks. Moving on.

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