Monday, August 29, 2011

Too Big for My Britches

What a week...what a bad week. I don't know what happened. After the post-wedding eating frenzy last Sunday, I did get back on track and stayed there for all of 3 days. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe all the compliments at the wedding and the nice pictures and my nifty before & progress pictures went to my head? Getting too big for your britches is not a good place to be when trying to lose weight. After all, my britches are supposed to be getting too big for me. Maybe I started to get a little complacent, too comfortable. Or maybe it was just the impending hurricane. Something about low pressure systems make me stock up on junk food and wine and eat/drink whatever I want. Whether it's a blizzard or a hurricane, when the barometer starts to fall so does my willpower.

Anyway, enough analyzing what did and did not happen last week, and on to what I am going to do about it. First, I did not weigh in this morning. Obviously, My Thurs-Sun eating frenzy impacted the scale in a negative way. I am not in denial; I just don't need the scale to tell me what I already know. Second, I started back on plan this morning.

Finally, on Thursday September 1st, I am starting a new personal challenge. I will call it my 30-DAY OPENS challenge. That stands for 30-days On Plan, Exercising and....No Scale. NO SCALE!!! That's right, I am going to weigh myself on Sept 1, and I will not do so again until Sept 30. This may be the hardest part of the challenge for me. But, I have an unhealthy relationship with the scale. I use it to reward and punish myself. Everybody is different. My blogging friend Patra from The Red Dress Report will probably keel over dead when she reads this as she is a committed daily weigher. On the other hand, fellow blogger, Dawn over at A New Dawn for Me hasn't weighed herself AT ALL, NOT ONCE as she has shed 6 pant sizes. I really admire her for that.

If I am staying on plan and doing the Couch to 5K program 3x per week, I will be able to measure my success based on my commitment to those goals and how I feel. And, if I am doing those things, I think I will be feeling pretty good. The other thing is that many people who do Medifast find that their weight loss slows down when they start exercising regularly, and I don't want that to discourage me. After all, the ultimate goal of all of this is to become a healthy person with a healthy lifestyle, which obviously needs to involve exercise.

I will check in again after my weigh-in on September 1st as I commence my OPENS challenge.

I'd love to hear about your relationship with the scale. Are you a daily weigher? Weekly? Monthly? Never?


  1. HAAAAAAA! My eyes did pop a little when I read no scales!!! I am in awe of New Dawn For Me - that is AMAZING! I took off Sunday, but weighed Monday. Not good. I like your barometric pressure theory!

  2. KRIS ( and I do Declare) kind comments are soooo appreciated! I estimate my starting weight to be in excess of 350lb and I couldn't bear to find out how bad it was. I just couldn't stand it. I've dieted before and use the scales and hated the obsession they created in at losses and depths from a gain or an unjustified stick. I just decided, this time, I'd do all the right things, work really hard and ditch the scales. I got a gym instructor to weigh me before I started and record the weight on my computer record but I didn't look and wasn't told.. One day, at goal I will weigh once. The LACK of scales motivates me...I do know I'm not conventional for this and I've never done it before but for me, its working.

    My best advice is to counteract the lack of scales by a certainty that you don't need them by not eating the wrong things, never nibbling the wrong foods, not going off plan. In my head, every week is a good week and its very motivating

    Good Luck


  3. That is great Kris! I love your 30 Days OPENS challenge! What a great idea. You know I have given up my daily weigh-ins. I will only weigh in at my WW meetings 1x per month. I have felt so great and my clothes still fit- so I am learning that the number does not really mean anything! I know in my heart how things are going. My clothes give me subtle hints too (ha-ha). It has been a good experience for me to step AWAY from the scale. I hope you find it motivating and as freeing as I have! YOU CAN!!

  4. I can't believe we had the exact same thought and I just read your post today. I knew we were bosom buddies! (: I also "reward and punish myself with food." The scale is my worst enemy. I am a strict Monday & Thursday or just Monday weigher, although I've thought about just weighing and shutting my eyes and having my husband record the number for me for a month or so. I like having the week to week record later, but hate what seeing it does to my mind. Stupid, but factual. Love your OPENS challenge. Keep us posted! Let's talk soon!