Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Price of Eating Healthy

Today I ate a $17 omelette. It's true. You may be wondering if it was loaded with jumbo lump crab meat or lobster or filet mignon. No, the extra expense was for making it healthy.

Here's the low down.

Fine Herb Omelette ($7.99)
add spinach (+1.75)
add tomatoes (+1.75)
add feta (lightly sprinkled, mind you!) (+1.75)
Made with egg whites (+1.79)
Sub salad for potatoes (+1.99)
Total = $17.02

Craziness, right?!? I can see the additional charge for the add-ons (although $1.75 each seems a bit steep). But, $1.79 for egg whites? Aren't they using LESS of the egg? And, $1.99 to get a small side salad instead of fried potatoes. C'mon! No wonder Americans are fat. It pays to eat unhealthy. I basically paid 4 extra dollars just because I want to keep my arteries clear. Well, when I think of it that way, I suppose it's worth it. Next time, I think I will get the jumbo lump crab cake for $17.99 and make the omelette at home.


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