Monday, June 27, 2011

18 Day Challenge (Day 6)

Another Monday, another weigh-in, and there are 12 days left in my 18-day challenge to hit the 60 lbs lost mark by the first day of vacation (July 9). I'm happy to say that today's weigh-in showed a 3.8 lb loss for the week, which means I have 12 days to lose another 4.6 lbs in order to hit my goal. I'm feeling confident!

Weight Loss
Pre-Medifast: 8.6 lbs
Medifast Month 1: 25 lbs (13.6, 3.2, 4, 4.2)
Medifast Month 2: 6.8 lbs (2.4, 3.2, 6, +4.8)
Medifast Month 3: (9.4, 1.8, 3.8, tbd)
Medifast Total (11 weeks): 46.8 lbs
Total in 2011: 55.4 lbs


  1. 12 days - I predict you will surpass your goal!!!

  2. Congrats on your 3.8 loss! That is great! I look forward to watching you make your goal!!!!!

  3. Wow ...i'm in....I'm here ....I'm following.
    Thanks for your lovely kind comment on my blog could NOT have possibly known this because I've never told anyone here....but I used to be a teacher and a bird flew into my classroom and I freaked out and ran out of the room almost in tears ....I have found my online "twin!"
    I wish I WAS your twin if you can lose 3,8 lb! in a week. I'm sure we will be friends!
    I'm thrilled to have found you!

  4. Patra and Jill- Thanks, ladies!

  5. Dawn! That is insanely crazy!! Were you freaked out when you read my classroom bird story? I'm an only child...I'd love to have twin! :-)

  6. I was totally FREAKED out...and laughed out loud and got all excited because I've never met anyone scared of birds inside either! I ran to get another ( male) teacher and acted like one of the kids was UK year 3 so that would be age 7-8yrs and he had to come in my classroom and 'rescue' me from a sparrow!
    I had seriously better ask my mother if there's something she forgot to tell me!

  7. awesome, congrats for the weight loss