Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The One?

I remember when I was single (particularly when I was single and all my friends were either dating, engaged, or married), and after every decent first date, I would wonder, could this be "THE ONE"? Well, that is what I am wondering now about Medifast. Is this the one? The one that is actually going to work for me? The one that I am going to stick to? The one that gets me on track with my health? If the first week (and now about a third of the way into my second week) is any indication, perhaps the answer is yes. And, if the answer is yes, the obvious next question is: Where have you been all my life?

Here's a quick synopsis of the first week.

Day 1:
  • Insanely hungry by noon.
  • Insane headache by 1pm.
  • Insane. Period. by 4 pm.
  • Felt like I was constantly watching the clock, waiting for my next "meal".
  • I have never been so damned excited to eat a freakin' piece of grilled chicken and green beans (my "Lean & Green" meal) in my whole freakin' life.
  • Thoughts: OK, they said the first few days to a week were the hardest. They said all of these things would happen. You got through the first day. Good job. Side note: I got a sick satisfaction out of feeling like I was starving, like I was really accomplishing something.
Day 2:
  • Pretty hungry by lunchtime.
  • Slight headache by late afternoon.
  • Thoughts: Hmmmm, seems like it's getting easier.
Day 3:
  • No longer watching the clock.
  • No longer feeling hungry.
  • No headache.
  • Thoughts: Wow, I think I can do this.
Day 4 :
  • Smooth sailing.
Days 5 - 7:
  • Several challenging social situations.
  • Friday, we went out to dinner with friends who were in town. I had no alcohol, ordered a big garden salad, and we all ate steamed crabs (leanest). Everyone ordered a bunch of appetizers, and I ate one piece of calamari, half of a chip with a tiny bit of guacamole, and 2 steamed shrimp.
  • Saturday was my daughter's 2nd birthday and I spent the day baking cupcakes/cake for her party the next day, and we had my family over to celebrate with make-your-own pizzas. I just had a big salad with grilled chicken. No cupcakes for me!
  • Sunday was her party, which we had at a park. I just took a couple Medifast bars and ate those, and passed on the sandwich tray, pasta salad and chips, actually I ate 2 chips. Still, no cake or cupcakes.
  • YAY me!!
Judgement Day aka Monday's Weigh-in:
  • I lost 13.6 lbs!! WHAT?!?!? I lost all of the weight I managed to put on during my 1 month + hyatis, plus an additional pound or so. WOOOO-WHOOOOO!!!!
Week 2:
  • Smooth sailing.
  • Not only do I not watch the clock, I have to remember to eat every 2-3 hours. Seriously, I am just not that hungry.
  • Haven't weighed myself yet, but today I wore freshly washed jeans, and they slipped right on. Usually there is a serious routine of squats, stretches, and not breathing for the first 10 minutes after putting them on.
  • I feel fully committed to this. I feel like it is going to work. I feel confident that I can do this.
  • I have more energy.
  • Jay is jealous and is starting the program tomorrow! :-)
Things I like:
  • Only having to plan one meal per day...and really enjoying that meal.
  • Not feeling hungry.
  • Not feeling overwhelmed with food preparation and constantly thinking about my next meal.
So, is Medifast the one? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for another post with my commentary on the Medifast food. The good, the bad, and the repulsive.

Weight Loss
Total in 2011: 22.2 lbs
Medifast Week 1: 13.6 lbs


  1. Medifast is on of D's clients and I've seriously thought about tryig this a zillion times. You may have just SERIOUSLY inspired me!!! Yay for all your weekend willpower! Missed you at the tourney, but we relived (with great sympathy!) your infamous head injury. Can't wait for the food review....

  2. Great!!! Keep up the good work. Glad you are enjoying this and that you aren't totally starving all week.