Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Love was in the air and food was in my mouth. I knew it was too good to be true. Besides, who wants to read a blog that is supposed to be about complaining when all I was doing was writing about how everything was all sunshine and ponies for these past six weeks? Booooorrrrrrrring.

Let me start by saying, I was kicking some serious ass last week. I had added the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD to my workout. It starts with a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minute level one boot camp, and 5 minute cool down. It is really a great workout combining cardio and strength training. My plan was to do that every other day, and I did. Shockingly, I even did extra cardio on those days to bring my workout to about 45 to 50 minutes. And, I added a little jogging to my workout, only 5 minutes at 5 mph, but I have not jogged in YEARS. Sadly, when I go to enter my exercise into my beloved website, 5 mph is under the “walking” heading. WHAT?!?! Well, 5 mph for this fatty is a jog; I can assure you of that! So, all of this hard work paid off. Between last Monday’s official weigh-in and Friday morning’s unofficial weigh-in, I had lost almost 3.5 lbs, bringing my total to just over 20 lbs! Oh yeah, I was ecstatic.

And then, the weekend happened. It started out gradually. I had planned to take off Friday from working out. My first day off in about 16, and with the increase in intensity of my workout, my body was in need of a break. Well, one day turned into three. Sadly, I did not exercise at all over the weekend. Add to that a downward spiral into a bag of chips, and the result was a really bad food weekend too.

A normal breakfast and lunch on Saturday were followed by a soft pretzel at the Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes show. Really, don’t you think anyone would have to eat their way through that, especially since they weren’t serving alcohol?!?! Dinner out resulted in a small filet, which I had been planning, some fries drenched in cheese, which I had not. Two glasses of wine, which I had been planning, and 2 HUGE margaritas, which I had not. In my defense, we were at dinner for 5 hours between waiting for a table and eating dinner and hanging out with the new friends we made in the bar.

The thing is, if that had been the end of it, it really wouldn’t have been that bad. But, I slipped into old habits on Sunday and had an “F-it, I’ve already ruined the weekend” mentality that can only lead to worse things. Plus, I was hung over, and we all know there is only one cure for a hang over: a thousand ounces of Diet Coke and greasy food!

So, I reluctantly stepped on the scale Monday morning to find that I had gained FIVE POUNDS!!! My first week with a net gain. What was my first reaction? I could really go for a sausage biscuit from McDonald’s. I’m telling you, unless you have experienced for yourself this illness of binging and food addiction, you cannot understand. A rational person would have thought, OK, time to step it up on the treadmill this week.

What did I do? Well, you’ll have to stay tuned for my next post. Don’t worry, the suspense won’t kill you; I hope to do it later today as long as I am not rushing out to the nearest fast food restaurant for a burger and fries.

Total weight loss in 6 weeks: 15.6 pounds (up 3 lbs from last week).


  1. Okay, I nearly spit out my tea when I read that line about being at Disney on Ice and not serving alcohol. Seriously!? You crack me up. and I would totally need to get bombed at a Disney on Ice event as well.

  2. Hi Kris -

    I have been there several hundred times. 15lbs is awesome though!!! Keep that in your mind and not 5lbs, which should pretty much melt off this week. You can do this!! I am here to support you with anything you might need.


  3. Kristen- It was brainwashing at its finest. Although, the look on Alana's face was priceless. Beer would have helped. Definitely.

    Ali- Thanks, girl! I'm trying to focus on the positive. It's just so hard to use the negative as an excuse to self-sabotage.