Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to the Future

This morning I hopped into my DeLorean and traveled back in time three weeks. Remember three weeks ago when I hit the 60 lbs lost mark? When I was about to start my vacation eating in moderation treating myself to a few indulgences? When I was drinking my gallon + per day of water? Well, today, I am right back there (within .6 lbs). On, July 9, I was down 60.6 lbs. Today, I am down 60 lbs!!

While I don't know exactly how much I gained on my binge, I did sneak onto the scale about 5 days in and was already up 6 lbs. That's when I decided I should stop weighing myself. Funny, I didn't decide that was when the binge should end. I can say with a good amount of certainty that I was up at least 10 lbs by the end of it.

This week, I was 100% back on the Medifast plan, and I am glad it paid off. I must admit, I am getting restless. I want to start making more real food again and figuring out how to make healthier choices. With the success of this week, it helps me recommit myself to the plan.

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have that fleeting thought of "what if". What if I hadn't spent the past three weeks gaining and losing the same weight to only break even? What if I had lost 11.4 lbs this month instead of 1.4? I'd be at 70 lbs instead of 60 lbs. So, yes, I have had that thought. BUT, and this is where the progress comes in, it really has only been a fleeting thought, nothing I am dwelling on.

Here's to a great month!

Weight Loss
Pre-Medifast: 8.6 lbs
Medifast Month 1: 25 lbs
Medifast Month 2: 6.8 lbs
Medifast Month 3: 18.2 lbs
Medifast Month 4: 1.4 lbs
Medifast Total (16 weeks): 51.4 lbs
Total in 2011: 60 lbs


  1. I agree with you ...what if you hadn't gained and then lost..You WOULD be at 70lb....but equally what if you hadn't turned it around when you did, and carried on eating the wrong choices? You could be at 50lb. What matters is that you got the focus back and you dealt with this. Its a great achievement so onward to new loss.
    Well done

  2. AWESOME!!!! That, my friend, is true progress towards being your best you! No dwelling! Onward!! I am so happy for you!!!