Monday, July 25, 2011

Waiting for the Weight

After a nearly 2-week eating frenzy, I have decided not to weigh-in. I know I've gained weight (probably 10+ lbs), and I don't see any reason to depress myself with the number. Today, I am back on plan, and will give myself one full week before I weigh myself. I figure that by then, the number won't be as staggering. This is uncharted territory for me as I tend to live (aka stay positive and on plan) and die (aka get depressed and go off plan) by the scale.

Here are the things I already know without having to weigh myself:

1) I feel bloated and puffy.
2) I feel lethargic.
3) I'm grumpy.
4) I did not enjoy stuffing my face with anything I could possible think of just because I wasn't "on my diet".
5) I did enjoy eating the things I really wanted and had planned to eat ahead of time.
6) I still have a long way to go in gaining control over my eating and my emotions and habits associated with it.

I am not beating myself up about this. I am using it as a learning experience, moving on, and continuing on this journey!


  1. Welcome back! I missed your posts! I am very proud of you for getting back on track! Not an easy thing to do after being away and off plan. I know how you feel about the scale. I am still learning how to incorporated it into my life in a healthy manner! You sound like you have the right mind set. Not punishing yourself and learning. I think that is what this journey is all about. BRAVO!!