Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekends, weekends, weekends!!!

Weekends, weekends, weekends. They are so challenging! The first challenge this weekend was a meal out on Saturday afternoon with my husband. The girls napped at my parents’ house, so we decided to go out to linner. Yes, linner, you know, late lunch, early dinner. We went to Bonefish Grille. My husband and I consider ourselves connoisseurs of fried calamari (and you wonder why I’m fat!!), and we try it everywhere we go. I truly love it, and I didn’t want to deprive my husband of his enjoyment of it either (aren’t I kind and loving wifey?), so we got an order for an appetizer. I think I did pretty well, at least as well as you can while eating deep fried deliciousness that you are dipping in a sauce that is loaded with sodium. I ate significantly less of it than I would have in the past. For my entrĂ©e, I had seared Ahi Tuna, jasmine rice, and steamed veggies. I love when there are menu options that are relatively healthy and are also something that you really enjoy. I think the biggest pitfalls of this meal were sodium and cocktails. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the two cocktails that I had? Oops, must have slipped my mind. Perhaps I’ve had too many cocktails.

Next challenge was my husband having a couple friends over to watch a UFC event which meant there were wings and meatballs in the house. I cannot resist a wing or a ball. I had one of each (I should add there were two kinds of wings, so I had one of each kind). I thought that was a minor victory!

Sunday was the Super Bowl. Considering we were staying home to watch the game, you may not think this was a challenge, but we had the leftover wings and balls, and we like any excuse for food. In the past, something like this would have been our cue to order pizza & wings, make some nachos, maybe some chili, and drink some beers…Yes, just for the two of us. (Again, wonder no more why I am fat…all of my dirty secrets are right before your eyes!) But, we didn’t do that this time. Jay (That’s my husband. Have I ever told you his name? I know that many of my readers may not know that already!) ate the leftover wings and balls. He would not like that I am telling the world all five of you that he ate balls, but I cannot pass up any opportunity to use the word balls. I got some turkey and black bean chili. The deli at my Giant makes the most yummy chili. I had one cup, sprinkled with a little low-fat cheddar, and 8 tortilla chips. Yes, I counted them. For God’s sake people, I am an addict. One chip too many, and I suddenly realize I have finished the bag, and I’m turning the bag inside out and licking the salt off the lining. I also ate two wings, of which I tried to remove the skin. That was a pretty pointless endeavor. No cocktails. Here’s what I learned. Totally could have done without the wings. The chili was delicious, satisfying, and the perfect amount.

I stayed within my calories all weekend but was over on saturated fat and sodium…again. Overall, I thought it was a good week with (mostly) healthy choices. I have not had a day without exercise for 9 straight days (and 15 out of the past 16 days)! So, what did the scale reveal this week?

If you recall from my last post, I gained 2 pounds last weekend for a net loss of only one pound for the week. I believe my suspicions were correct and most of those two pounds were water weight because I weighed myself again on Wednesday and had recouped almost all of those two pounds. I went on to lose 2+ additional pounds. A net loss of 2 pounds for the week. Not bad considering I had to spend the first half of the week re-losing the two weekend pounds.

Total weight loss in 5 weeks: 18.6 pounds!!! Body fat percentage has also gone down 2%!!!

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  1. Woo hoo, KrisBryant! Nice work! Love to read your posts!